GTH - US Geothermal Inc.

US Geothermal Inc. is only a developmental stage company. As its name implies, GTH operates for the purpose of acquiring geothermal properties, making it a likable green energy corporation. Though a speculative stock, and a stock under ten dollars, GTH has a great track record thus far. Its price has doubled since January, and shows signs that it can double again, perhaps more than one or two times. US Geothermal is currently in debt, with an EPS of -0.04, because of investing in land in Idaho and Oregon, but GTH will start producing electricity for Idaho Power at its Raft River property in Idaho as they are continuing construction on their geothermal electricity plant. Geothermal is among the most efficient types of energy, and since it is "green" energy, it is welcomed and has more potential for growth because of US legislation and the public encourage it over coal and petroleum sources of energy. Once GTH has started producing electricity (it has a contract to sell Idaho Power 10 megawatts of electricity from its Phase One power plant over 20 years) it will quickly become profitable and either begin growing at a greater rate and fully develop, or become aquired by a larger energy corporation. These are both excellent options when it comes to the price of stock. All the signs are there of the great upside potential in US Geothermal.

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